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There exists different in capabilities in the human life. Some of the children have been incapable by birth and some may be incapable after birth due to various causes. Due to blindness, lack of hearing power or speaking power, not to move the hand and leg, being mentally retarded, affected by the paralysis and being autistic there would have been direct effect on the physical, mental and intellectual development of the people. In some cases the concerned family of the incapable children and the person may, in addition to find out the actual cause of the incapability, attempt to conceal the matter as such.

It is a weakness. In comparison of the other in capabilities the autistic is a special and or children being affected by autistic shall have been very complex. As result, the treatment, nurture, education and training as well strange type of incapacity. The person or children being affected by autistic do not take care on any matter or subject of the world. The treatment of the personas taking care of the person or children have not been possible in the family or the governmental level, it is why, with the extension of the institutionalized co-operation from the private sector and with the realization of the matter that the social protection, co-operation and decency to the person as such and the concerned family thereof have been the humanitarian duty of the civilized, therefore, a social organization entitled Autistic Welfare Association Nepal, 2010 has been established under the Organization Registration Act, 2034 B.S (1977 A.D.)